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How do I add posts to more than one campaign?
How do I add posts to more than one campaign?
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Here’s how to do it. 

1. Navigate to Analytics
2. Choose the account and channel you want to add content from
3. Scroll down to the table view at the bottom of the page

4. Choose the "Campaign" box, the campaign window will appear

5. A list of the available campaigns for the post or video will be available, choose the campaign you want to include it in.

6. Once you've selected a campaign you'll see a confirmation message.

7. You can easily remove the campaign as well, simply choose the red "X" to the left of the campaigns listed for that content.

Some common use cases:

  • Create tiered campaign reports - for example: a company like Nascar might want to include multiple accounts and hashtags in a Playoffs report, and break out separate reports for individual driver hashtags exclusively.

  • Build separate reports for advertisers while keeping your regular event or campaign reports untouched.

  • Create a year-long sponsored content, partnership or influencer campaign report, and create smaller reports throughout the year for individual events or activations.

  • Create organization-wide Leaderboards for custom content types like Facebook Shows, Instagram Content, Instagram Stories, or Facebook Live Videos.

  • Further slice and dice content across multiple social channels and accounts based on hashtags.

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