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Snapchat Metrics Glossary
Snapchat Metrics Glossary
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Conviva measures two types of Snapchat accounts:

  • Organic Snapchat Accounts are Snapchat accounts that anyone can set up.

  • Discover Channels/Shows are premium videos published through Snapchat's Story Studio (only available to select publishers).

For Organic Snapchat Accounts:

Total Views: Cumulative Views Across All Frames Within the Time Frame Specified 

Peak Unique Viewers: Top Most Viewers of the First Frame of All Stories Within the Date Range Specified 

Total Completions: Cumulative Views of Last Frame of EachStory Within the Date Range Specified 

Total Snaps: Made Cumulative Posts or Frames Complied from All Stories Within the Date Range Specified 

Total Screenshots: Cumulative Screenshots Taken of Each Frame within the Date Range Specified 

Total Completion Rate: Total Completions / Total Unique Viewers - Completion Rate measures the percentage of viewers who watch a story from beginning to end.  

Avg. Views Per Snap: Total Views/Total Snaps Made - Average Views Per Snap measures the average number of views per Frame. 

Maximum Potential Minutes Viewed: Cumulative Time spent viewing content Within the Date Range Specified  

Avg Time/ Unique Viewers:  Total Views/Total Unique Viewer (Based on Minimum of 1 second per view)  

For Snapchat Discover/Story Studio:

Duration (hrs): The length of time the snap or story was live in hours

Unique viewers: Unique number of users that clicked into the publisher story or began loading a snap

Unique completers: Number of unique users who completed all available content. For publisher stories, this is viewing through the last available snap. For snaps, this is viewing through 99% of the runtime

Completion rate: Unique completers/Unique viewers

Unique topsnap views: The sum of total number of unique users for each topsnap in the publisher story. For snaps, this is equivalent to unique viewers

Total time viewed (sec): Total time spent in the publisher story or snap

Topsnap time viewed (sec): Total time spent in the topsnap(s)

Attachment time viewed (sec): Total time spent in the attachment(s)

Average total time viewed per user (sec): Total time viewed (sec)/Unique viewers

Average time per topsnap view (sec): Topsnap time viewed/Topsnap Views

Average time per attachment view (sec): Attachment time viewed/Attachment views

Topsnap views: The total number of topsnap views. Not unique, just total views.

Attachment views: Total number of swipe up views. Not unique, just total views.

Unique attachment viewers: Number of unique users that swiped up into an attachment

Attachment conversion rate: For topsnaps, this is Unique attachment viewers/Unique viewers. For publisher stories, this the average of all topsnaps' attachment conversion rates.

Subscribers added: Number of new subscribers added on this snap or story

Unique sharers: Unique number of users who shared this snap or story

Shares: Number of distinct shares between users (e.g. 1 person sharing to 3 friends = 3 shares)

Viewers from shares: Unique number of users who viewed this piece of content via a share

Screenshots: Number of screenshots


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