1. To Pull out a Frame into a New IG Story.

  2. CLICK [Add a Story]  Found at the bottom of the IG Story Table. 

  3. A pop-up box will appear

  4. Enter the Name of the Story and the Story Date MM/DD/YYYY(Make sure the Date is within three days of the Frame you are reassigning). 

    5.Click Add Story 

    6. A New Story will now be in the Table for IG Stories

    7. Click View on the Story that contains the Frame or Frames. 

    8. Click Reassign 

    9. A Pop-Up Box will appear. You may choose any story within three days to assign  the post to including the New Story you just created. 

   10.Click Save.
   11. Next to the New Story, Click on the Box in the Campaign Column.
   12. Add the story to the Available Campaigns.
  * Make sure that the Campaign is set to the correct date range and the Account is added to the Campaign. 


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