How to create a Content Tag
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There are two ways to create Content Tags in Conviva Social Insights, through the Tag Manager, or on the post directly. 

First, we’ll cover using the Tag Manager.

  1. Log into Conviva Social Insights. Navigate to “Content Tags” from the menu.

  2. Open a Folder 

  3. Click 'New Tag' to open the Tag Editor

  4. Fill in the fields:

  5. Tag Name: Provide a descriptive, unique name for the tag. You can use as many as 50 characters in the name.

  6. Description: Provide a few notes on the significance of this tag. This gives some context for other users on your team as to what the tag is about.

  7. Folder: The Folder that the Content Tag will be in. 

  8. Tag Color: Choose a color for your tag (optional)

  9. Click Add Tag to save your tag

  10. You can edit any of these fields on a tag by selecting the tag from your Tag Manager

Content Tags can also be created directly through Analytics

  1. Navigate to "Analytics"

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page

  3. Click the post you would like to apply a tag to & type the name of the tag

  4. Select "Add"

  5. Navigate to "Content Tags" to apply additional rules to the tag

Notes about tags

  • Tags are set at the agency level, meaning all the accounts that you have access to normally can use the same set of tags.

  • There is no limit to the number of tags on an individual post, but we recommend starting out with a few tags to test your results before expanding to larger tagging taxonomies

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