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How to manually tag multiple pieces of content
How to manually tag multiple pieces of content
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1. Log into Conviva Social Insights

2. Choose "Analytics" from the menu on the left

3. Navigate to the account and channel you want to tag

4. Scroll down to the table view to see post information 

5. Click the "Multi-Assign Tag" button at the top of the post table

6. Select multiple posts by clicking the "assign" button next to each post. If you make a mistake click "Unassign". 

7. When you have finished selecting all the posts you want to add, go back to the top of the table and choose the "+" sign. This will allow you to pick tags.

8. Start typing the name of the tag you want to apply. Choose the tag and a success message will appear.

9. To add multiple tags, start typing another tag name after you've added.

10. You're all set!

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