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Why is my Instagram Story completion rate over 100%?
Why is my Instagram Story completion rate over 100%?
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There are a few reasons why your Instagram Stories completion percentage might be over 100%. The most common reason is that two stories have merged together and the beginning of one story is added to the end of an existing story. Conviva Social Insights uses certain rules to determine when one story ends and another begins to separate them into individual stories. Depending on some factors like the length in between posts, time zones, and posting after midnight some stories might be joined. If it looks like this has happened please alert Conviva Social Insights that you would like these stories separated. 

If you look at your story and it seems that every frame is in the correct place it’s possible some frames in your story were picked up in the Instagram algorithm and shown in other places outside the story selection viewer on the your follower’s home page. Using hashtags and location tags give your story the ability to be seen in search and on the popular page. It is possible to have a significant increase in views on specific frames due to the use of location tags and hashtags. 

A third reason you might have a completion percentage over 100% is if you deleted frames at the beginning of your story. The Conviva Social Insights collection API collects data several times a day. To that effect, if you post something on your story and it is collected by Conviva Social Insights it will appear in your story even if you deleted it later. If you see deleted frames in your story please let us know and we will be happy to remove them for you. 

The last reason you might have a completion percentage over 100% is if you had a call to action such as “Share this picture with your friends” on the final frame of your story. Sharing a frame in a story to accounts outside your existing followers can lead to an increased reach on the final frame that, depending on how many times it was shared, could lead to a completion rate higher than 100%. 

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