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How to view Facebook Video Analytics in Conviva Social Insights
How to view Facebook Video Analytics in Conviva Social Insights

Watch pages or regular pages. Includes crossposted views, and more

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By default, Conviva Social Insights displays the lifetime metrics of all posts published by a page in the time period selected. 

However, with cross-posted metrics, it common now for one video to be used in multiple posts. 

If you want to see the total performance on all owned video assets during the timeframe selected, 

1. Navigate to the page you want to view.

2. Choose the “Page by All Dates” toggle.

The table displays a list of all the videos owned by your page published during the time period selected. 

Here are the metrics we track:

Benchmark Metrics
Video Views
Unique Viewers
Average Watch Time
New Fans Added
Average Video Views / Day
Daily Active Unique Viewers
Total Minutes Consumed
Total Engagements

Date Posted
Video ID
Video Title
Post Message
Lifetime Video Total Impressions
Lifetime Total 3 Second Video Views
Lifetime Total 10-Second Views
Lifetime Total Video Watches at 95%
Lifetime Organic Video Views
Lifetime Paid Video Views
Lifetime Unique Video Views
Lifetime Repeat Video Views
Lifetime Reach (Unique Video impressions)
Lifetime Total Video Average Watch Time
Lifetime Total Video View Time (minutes)
Page Owned Views
Shared Views
Crossposted Views
Page Owned Viewtime (in MS)
Shared Viewtime (in MS)
Top Gender by Seconds Viewed
Top Age Range by Seconds Viewed
Top City by Seconds Viewed
Completion Rate
View-Conversion (Video Views / Video Impressions)
Total Engagements
Engagement Rate
Video-Share Rate
Post IDs that Reused the Video

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