The segment tool allows a user to create segments, locked by timestamp, in order to see in-depth performance metrics on individual portions of their live video. 

A user can manually create a segment by clicking and dragging their mouse over any section of the live video, entering a segment title, and clicking save.

A user can automatically create a segment by choosing the "Upload Segments" button at the top right of a live video, completing the segment upload template, and uploading the file.

Instructions for Creating and Uploading Segements

  1. Uploads must be of type .csv or .xlsx (excel)

  2. The file must have 3 columns.Segment nameStart time (format = 00:00:00)End time (format = 00:00:00)

  3. The first row header is optional. The program will detect a header row

  4. If the file is an excel file (.xlsx), the start time and end time columns must be formated as "text" or "time". To format a cell, select the cell or column, right click -> Format Cells -> Choose "text" (best option) or "time".

  5. If the file is an excel file, it should only have 1 sheet. Additional sheets will be ignored.

  6. If the file is type .csv, it should be comma delimited and use single quotes around the values. In Excel, Save As -> CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

Segment Metrics Glossary

Time - The length of the live video in HH:MM:SS.

Live Views - The number of views on a Facebook Live video that happened while the video was live only.

Viewers - The total number of individuals who viewed the Facebook Live broadcast.

Comments - Total comments on the Live Video.

Peak - The highest number of viewers who were watching the video while it was live.

Reactions - "love," "haha," "yay," "wow," "sad" and "anger."

Average Minute Audience - The average number of concurrent individuals viewing a Facebook Live broadcast, which is expressed per minute over the entire program duration.

Engage/Sec - A velocity metric that measures the number of engagements per second (likes, comments, shares, and reactions) over the length of an entire Facebook Live broadcast.

Start - The time within the live video when the segment begins in HH:MM:SS.

End - The time within the live video when the segment ends in HH:MM:SS.

Duration - The total time of the segment in HH:MM:SS.

In - The total number of concurrent live viewers on the stream when a segment begins.

Out - The total number of concurrent live viewers on the stream when a segment ends.

Avg - The average number of concurrent live viewers who viewed the video segment. 

Engagements - Sum of Likes + Comments + Shares + Reactions.

Live E/R - Live Engagement Rate - Engagements per segment expressed as a percentage of total live views

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