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How to Edit a Campaign
How to Edit a Campaign
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1. Navigate to Campaigns

2. Select the Campaign that you would like to Edit

3. Edit any of the fields that are seen within the Campaign.

  • Campaign Name

  • Brand Name

  • Contact Name

  • Budget- Optional

  • Start Date- Must Include

  • End Date - Must Include for automation (if you're setting up a campaign for the year, select a date in the future, you can always edit this later)

  • Accounts - start typing the name of the account(s) to add them, or choose the 'Allow Any Account' checkbox to automatically add any account in your agency that matches the Content Tag into the campaign

  • Content Tags - start typing the name of the tag and select it from the list

  • Hashtags- leave empty if using a Content Tag

4. Select 'Edit Campaign' to confirm the changes. 

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