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How To Use The ROI Calculator
How To Use The ROI Calculator
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1) When creating a campaign in Conviva Social Insights, you can elect to add a budget (in dollars) to have it be automatically calculated by the studio 

2) This will automatically output a cost per engagement and a cost per video in the campaign 


Cost Per Video View (CPV) - a method of charging for video advertisements based on the number of views an ad or piece of content receives 

Cost Per Engagement (CPE) - a method of charging where advertisers only pay when viewers actively engage with content

Use Cases: 

Some publishers may use the ROI calculator to help determine how much a sponsor should be paying for the content, whether through views or engagement. This enables them to predict what new content will bring in off past performance. 

Others may use it to help determine what they should be paid, as a means of indicating that previous pieces performed better than expected and that they now know that the real value of what they are creating has increased. 

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