Data in campaign is subject to the same collection intervals as the rest of the platform.

Automated campaign reports update at 5am daily with any new content matching the assigned Content Tags that have been added into the Campaign

If Data is not populating into a Campaign...

1. Ensure that the Appropriate Content Tag is added to the Campaign. 

2. Within the added Content Tag, ensure that the Content Tag Rules have been saved and applied by selecting 'Save Rule' and 'Apply Rule' on the 'Content Tag Manager' Page. 

3. If you want data to populate faster into the Campaign without waiting for the Regular Campaign Cycle, you can navigate to the Campaign Menu and select 'Refresh' and then select 'Apply' to pull the Content into the Campaign. 

4. If data is still not populating into the Campaign after these steps, ensure that the are posts that fall within the Date Range that your Campaign is set to. 

5. Contact your Account Manager via the Intercom Messaging Tool if you are still experiencing issues with your Campaign populating after attempting these steps

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