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Why Is My Campaign Not Updating?
Why Is My Campaign Not Updating?

Certain reasons why your Campaign may not be updating and populating data into it.

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Quick Tip: 

Did you Apply your campaign tag?

  • No? Go back to your Content Tag. Click Apply Rule. Click [Apply] with the pop up window. Make sure that the Post move from Added to Existing as shown below

If Data is still not populating into a Campaign: 

  1. Make sure the tag logic is pulling in post, you can test this by checking the Preview in Content Tags. 

  2. Refresh your Campaign.  From the Campaign List click on the ellipsis and choose Refresh.  

  3. Make sure the posts fall in the date range of the Campaign. You can edit to adjust         the start and end date of any Campaign.

  4. Contact support at to report any issue. 

Note: Campaigns update automatically between 5am - 6am EST.

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