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Scheduled Export FAQs

Setting up a Scheduled Export & Common Questions

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Scheduled exports work similar to a standard export, but they are sent out around 8am EST based on the desired frequency. 

Setting Up an Export

To set up an Export first navigate to the export button in the top right of the analytics or campaigns overview:

From here, select if you would like a PDF or Excel file and make selections within the Channels, Customizations & Recipients tabs if needed. 

Next, select the frequency desired for the report and an end date. Additionally, if there are extra recipients you'd like to also receive this report, make sure to check the "Include the same additional recipients" box.

After you click the Email or Download file button, you will receive a copy of the export and then exports will start being sent the following day/week/month based on the scheduled frequency.


Can I send a scheduled export to multiple people?

Exports can be sent to multiple people. During the Set Up process, ensure that the "include the same additional recipients" box is checked and that additional recipient information has been filled out.

Can I adjust the end date or add recipients to an existing scheduled export?
Yes. Under the settings menu on the left hand side, there is a "Manage Scheduled Exports" option. You can delete an existing report by selecting the "X" or adjust a report's end date, name or day of the week for delivery along with the recipients by selecting the blue box with a pencil. 

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