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TikTok FAQs

Q: How often should I be saving these files.

A: Ideally, Conviva recommends daily save of files to upload each day. However, at a minimum of 5 days.

Q: Can I upload a Xlsx. File into Conviva

A: No, currently Conviva only allows for import of the CSV files.

Q: Can I update data if my account has not had any posts?

A: Yes, you can import the Overview data to update Total Engagements, Total Video Views, and Account Followers.

Q: Is Historical data available for TikTok

A: No, we can only upload saved CSV files from when TikTok was available.

Q: Can I import the Overview from the 28 days CSV

A: Best Practice recommendation is to use the Last 7 Days Files. But the system does allow for import of the last 28 days.

Q: Can I import TikTok if I post in a different language?

A: Yes. TikTok post will display different languages, but you will need to export from an English Browser for the column header. In the URL make sure it is updated to "lang=en"

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