Importing TikTok Data into Conviva Social Insights

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*Important: The files need to be CSV format.

The column headers need to be in English.

For non-English, make sure you update the URL


  1. Navigate to Analytics

  2. Search for your Account

  3. Choose TikTok from the Drop Down

4. From TikTok Analytics Scroll down and Click [Add TikTok Data] this will allow you to import the files

5. From the Import Tab - Click or drag the Overview CSV File. Once it loads a message will appear that the File Successfully Loaded with {x} amount of Posts.

( You will need to import 3 files) : Last 7 Days.csv; Total Followers.csv. and Video Posts.csv

Note once you upload > Click Next > this will move you to the next step.

  • Import the Overview first file Ex: Last 7 days.csv

    • CSV Headers : Date; Video views; Profile views; Likes; Comments; Shares

  • Data will be Populated to Preview at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click Next Import the file: Total Followers.csv

    • CSV Headers: Date; Followers; Difference in followers from previous day

  • Data will be Populated to Preview at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click Next Import the Content File: Video Posts.csv

    • CSV Headers: Time; Video title; Video link; Post time; Total likes; Total comments; Total shares; Total views

6. Once final file is loaded successfully. Click [Next} then [Submit Data]

7. Once all Files have been processed you will see the following message:

8. Make sure to refresh your browser to to see the latest data for TikTok.

9. The Audience widget on the Overview may be delayed a few hours while circulate updates.

NOTE: If you are importing a TikTok from a non-english account , update the URL to this will allow the headers to be in English.

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