Importing TikTok Data into Conviva Social Insights

Reference :

*Important: The files need to be CSV format.

  1. Navigate to Analytics
  2. Search for your Account
  3. Choose TikTok from the Drop Down

4. From TikTok Analytics Scroll down and Click [Add TikTok Data] this will allow you to import the files

5. From the Import Tab - Click or drag the Overview CSV File. Once it loads a message will appear that the File Successfully Loaded with {x} amount of Posts.

  • Import the Overview first file Ex: Last 7 days.csv
  • The Data will be Populated to Preview at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click Next To load the Content File click
  • Import the Content File Ex: Video Posts.csv

6. Once Content Data is loaded successfully. Click [Next} then [Submit Data]

7. Once all Files have been processed you will see the following message:

8. Make sure to refresh then you will be able to see the latest data for TikTok.

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