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Collect TikTok via Web Interface
Collect TikTok via Web Interface
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  1. Log in to the TikTok via the Web:

  • Use the same credentials that you use on the Mobile App

  • Click [Login with email or username]

    • TikTok typically needs the Log in with phone option.

    • And will require verification code sent to phone.

  • Enter the Username and Password

2. Once logged in a Verification step will need to be completed, example shown below.

3. Once logged in:

  • Navigate to the Icon in the upper right-hand corner

  • Click on the Icon

  • A Dropdown will appear

  • Choose View Analytics

From Analytics, you will download three different sets of files.

a. Download the Overview File

  • Choose Overview, this will allow you to pull down the Engagement Data

  • From the UI, click Last 7 days

    • Conviva recommends upload the file a minimum of 7 days, but can be updated daily.

  • Click Download data

  • A prompt will allow you to select Xlsx or Csv

  • Always choose CSV

  • Download and Save : file will be named. Last 7 Days.csv

***Important Note: if you are an international client, you may need to adjust your URL to display in English. Update the URL to lang=en. This will change the headers of the CSV to English. Keep in mind the system will still display the post copy in the original language, this is just to work around the CSV headers***

b. Download the Content File

  • Select Content

  • Choose Download data ( upper right hand corner)

  • It will download two files

    • Video Posts.csv

    • Trending Videos.csv

c. Download the Followers file

  • Select Followers

  • Choose Download data ( upper right hand corner)

  • Prompted to choose XLSX or CSV

  • Always choose CSV

  • It will download four files

    • Follower activity.csv

    • Top Territories.csv

    • Gender.csv

    • Total Followers.csv

Once the files are downloaded, they can be imported into Conviva using the Directions outlined in Importing TikTok Data


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