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TikTok Main Overview
TikTok Main Overview
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Overview Metrics:

As we continue to make enhancements for TikTok Analytics, Views and Engagements are available in the Overview for Analytics in the following Charts:

  • Views by Platform

  • Views by Day

  • Engagements by Platform

  • Engagements by Day

This wiill allow you to compare how the Content you are creating on TikTok compares from a Views and Engagement perspective to the Content that you are producing on other Social Platforms.

Overview Audience:

TikTok followers are also available in the Overview for TikTok Enabled Accounts. This will allow you to measure your TikTok followers in an in-depth, cross-platform view alongside your other social platforms. This gives you the ability to see how your follower growth is trending over time with meaningful visuals and charts.

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