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Why is my audience showing Zero?
Why is my audience showing Zero?


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Audience will be collected from the first day that an account is created or linked with the correct channel.

This will impact both Analytics and Leaderboard.

Once a social account is added to Conviva’s database, we are able to collect historical data such as the posts published, engagements on those posts and more. Unfortunately Facebook Page Likes and Account Followers on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube aren't available historically. On the first day an Account is added to the Leaderboard, Conviva will pull the Follower/Like count as of that day, and start measuring each day after that.

For example, in the below Screenshots, the 'Audience' Column would be a a '0' in Leaderboard if the Account was just created, or was not created as long back as you extend the Custom Date Range. In Analytics, 'Audience By Day' will only show from the Date the Account was created.

Note, this is only for brand new accounts that have never been collected by Conviva before. If the account exists in the database and is added to a new list, audience data will be available for as far back as the account has been stored in the system.

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