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Feature Releases and Changes

A Running Record of Product Updates

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February 2021

TikTok Video Views at the Post Level

  • We’ve added support for Video Views on your TikTok posts, now you can easily see which videos are driving the most views within the SI dashboards and exports

Twitter Video Views now available in Post Search

  • Looking to see which videos on twitter are driving the most views or engagement? We’ve added Twitter Total Video Views for easy rankings of the Tweets by Total Video Views

  • Note, Post Search pulls in public view counts from all tweets that contain the video, however engagements are on the individual tweet only

Improved Sorting in Post Search

  • You can now sort posts based on publish date, or alphabetically by the social account name

We’ve also made the following additions to Exports in Social Insights:

Under Facebook Overview

  • Added Engagement Rate (Analytics Exports)

  • Added Videos Posted

  • Added Average Engagement Rate (campaign exports only)

Under Instagram Overview:

  • Added new fields for Total Posts

  • ”Video Posts (Total)"

  • "Videos Posts (Feed)" (feed videos = regular instagram videos, no IGTV)

  • "Videos Posts (IGTV)"

  • "Photo Posts"

  • "Album Posts" (album = carousel)

Under Twitter Analytics Overview

  • Added "Videos Made" (any tweet containing a video)

January 2021

IGTV Video Titles

  • We've updated IGTV to include both the Video Title and Video Description in the "Caption" field.

Full Metrics in Post Hover

  • In the Analytics and Campaign Overview screens, hovering over the Views, Engagements or Impressions numbers will display the full metric value (note the full value is always exported)

Twitter Media Studio Data

  • Users can now measure the performance of their videos on Twitter including metrics like Average watch time, paid vs. promoted views, Completion %, Minutes of video published, average video length and more

  • Twitter Video titles have been updated for easier identification of videos

  • Benchmark KPIs have been added for Twitter Media Studio

  • Read more about our latest Twitter update in our blog post here

Paid and Social Totals in Campaigns

  • Campaign totals (video views, engagements, impressions) now include data from Paid Ads if ads are present in the campaigns

  • Users can now filter Campaign Overview Screens based on "All Posts" "Organic Posts" and "Paid Posts"

​December 2020

IGTV Analytics

IGTV data is available both in the Social Insights Leaderboard, as well as for your authenticated accounts under the "Analytics" and "Campaigns" tab.

Additionally, you can drill-down into a single IGTV video (just like a regular IG video) by clicking the new "TV" icon next to the post.

Here you'll not only see lifetime metrics for that IGTV video, but you'll also see the daily viewership and engagement to assess long-term performance.

Instagram Stories Tagging

  • You now have the ability to use Content Tag Rules to automate the tagging of your Instagram Stories.

  • In your Content Tag Manager, you'll notice a new design for social platform selection, with the option to include Instagram Stories tagging.

  • IG Stories tagging can be configured to tag posts within a certain date range, or based on the keywords that are included in the caption of your IG story.

Note: the keyword rule will only search text in the Caption field. Hashtag, Location or Profile stickers are not searchable at this time.

Reassign Multiple Instagram Stories Frames

Customers can now select multiple Instagram Stories frames and reassign them into another story.

Edit Scheduled Exports

You can now edit your scheduled exports to include additional recipients

October 2020

Campaign Export: YouTube Audience

  • Receive the Audience Location and Demographics as well at the Playback Sources and Devices in your Campaign Export.

  • This enhancement will allow user to see where and how audiences are consuming their YouTube Data.

September 2020

IG Reach Rate - Excel Export

Reach Rate is now included in the Excel Export for Instagram stories.

UI Totals Bar

Conviva has added a Totals Bar within the UI for channels: Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

August 2020

Facebook Engagement

  • Conviva is updating the standard Facebook Engagement metric to Engagements (including on Shares). Before today, the default formula for Facebook Engagements was calculated as the sum of likes, comments, reactions and shares recorded on only the top-level performance on a post. You can review all the metrics we measure on Facebook here.

  • You will see an increase in the number of Cross-Platform and Facebook engagements, your engagements per post and engagement rate may also increase to reflect this new calculation.

  • Your data has been backfilled to January 2019 in the "Analytics" and "Campaigns" applications.

July 2020

TikTok is now included in tag rules

You can now create keyword rules for your TikTok posts, allowing you to automatically tag TikTok posts and add them to your campaigns.

The keyword rule looks at the post copy and any hashtags included in your TikTok post.

Leaderboard PDF Update

PDF Exports will now maintain the order by metric sorted. i.e. If you sort by Total Videos the order will remain the same upon export of the PDF.

The following features are now available for all customers. Have any questions or want more information on new features? Reply to this note or reach out to your account manager to set up time to review.

June 2020

Tag by Publish Date

We have added a new functionality to tag rules allowing you to set a date range. When applying this new setting the tag rule will only tag posts that were published within the date range you have selected.

Leaderboard Export Upgrades

We’ve made a number of new improvements to Conviva’s Leaderboards to help users access and analyze data across industries in a more in-depth and efficient way.

1. Export Multiple Platforms at once

2. Scheduled Exports now supported in Leaderboards

3. Additional Engagement metrics - we’ve more than doubled the number of metrics available in Leaderboards, so now users can analyze more granularly the number of likes, comments, retweets and other engagement metrics.

4. Raw Growth Numbers for Audience/Follower Metrics

5. Engagement Rate by Content Type

6. Twitter and Instagram Video Views for Owned Accounts

TikTok Followers in Overview - June 4th

TikTok Followers metric has been added to the Analytics Overview screen for all enabled accounts.

May 2020

TikTok - May 21st

Social Insights will now have the ability to upload TikTok metrics that are available via the web interface that TikTok just launched.

Key benefits of Conviva’s TikTok Analytics include:

  • Accelerate time to insight with streamlined reporting.

  • Identify key themes, hashtags, and content

  • Benchmark performance around key tentpole events

For more information or to request a demo please contact your account representative.

Tagging Enhancements: Tagging by Post Type including Video Duration- May 21st

Conviva has made enhancements to our Automated Tagging to now include the ability to tag by Content Type - Link, Image and Video.

Videos can also be tagged by duration, compare content duration to make data driven decision around long and short term videos.

For example: How are your Facebook videos under 60 secs are performing compared to videos over 60 secs.

Leaderboard Totals - May 21st.

The Leaderboard Module will now show Category Totals.

Using the Toggle will allow the user to switch from Category Averages to Category Totals for the chosen Leaderboard List and the Date Range Selected.

Post Preview - May 21st.

Within Analytics and Campaigns hovering over a post (FB, IG, TW, TikTok, YouTube) will display a preview of the post.

  • As a user you can now view the thumb nail of a video, link, or image. This visual enhancement will be a time saver for analyst in reviewing data.

Leaderboard Formulation Change - May 9th

Facebook leaderboard data will measure the Video Views on page-owned posts only, excluding shared posts and videos. Previously, views and engagements on Shared posts were included, so you may notice a slight difference in Post, view, and engagement counts as compared to any previous exports.

April 2020 

Leaderboard has the ability to now be customized.
This will allow for seasonal comparisons for Entertainment and Sports. 

To Use: 

  • From the Dropdown for Date Range 

  • Select [Custom] 

  • Fill out the Custom Date Range 


Facebook Impressions _ Broken out by Paid and Organic 

Facebook Overview in Excel now has Impressions split out for Paid and Organic.

Facebook Totals in UI 

In the platform within the Analytics and Campaigns, Totals are not available for Facebook.  This provides a quick visual of Paid and Organic Impressions without Exporting.  

  • Totals will update when sorting out Branded Content. 

  • Totals will update with the elastic search 

March 2020

Campaign Folders 

Now within Social Insights you have the ability to sort all your campaigns into Folders.
This organization will help when you are looking to group content according to categories 

  • Tent Pole Events 

  • Branded Sponsors 

  • Series Recaps

Other enhancements within the new Campaign View:

  • Copy an existing campaign

  • Stream Line Menu

  • Upon Creation of Campaign Refreshes automatically with a Content Tag

Top Content : Engagement Rate Analytics

There is now a filter for Engagement Rate within Top Content Widget. 

This new filter for the Top Content (shown below) is available in the Analytics module in the following areas:

  • Overview

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • YouTube


The Conviva Social Insights API provides programmatic access to the data metrics visualized in the Social Insights web application. It is a HTTP-based API for Social Insights customers to query data for data warehousing, build custom dashboards, and analyze social data correlations across multiple data sources.

This version enables developers to extract data for aggregated metrics and time series.

February 2020

Export YouTube Data for an Individual Post 

            For any authenticated YouTube, click the Detail Icon
            to reveal post level insights including but not limited to:    
                                 *   Video Retention Rate
                                 *   Audience Demographics
                                 *   Playback Devices

            These are now Exportable in Excel Format

Facebook New Metrics (Page By All)  

The following metrics have been added to the Export within Analytics for Facebook_Page by All               

         * universal_video_id: The publishers asset management code for                                                                         this video.

         * ad_breaks:               Time offsets of ad breaks in milliseconds. Ad                                                                       breaks are short ads that play within a video.

         * content_category:   The content category of this video.  

         * custom_labels:          Labels used to describe the video. Unlike                                                                            content tags, custom labels are not published.

YouTube Page By All Export

                 In Analytics, for authenticated accounts, YouTube Page by All,                                          top KPIs, including:

                        *  Videos Made
                        *  Total Mins Viewed 

                These are now Exportable in Excel Format

  • Note: make sure to click "All Dates" under the Export

December 2019

New FB Engagement Metrics: Visible in the Excel Export 

Currently, Social Insights Engagement metric only includes Engagements on the original post. However, Facebook's Engagement metric also incorporates Engagements from Shares, as well as Post Clicks. That’s why we have added two new engagement metrics in export files, and updated specific interaction metrics to include data from shares.  

  • Engagements (including On Shares) The Number of times a person Engages with your post through reactions, comments and shares, on both post and shares.              

  • Engagements (including On Shares & Post Clicks)   The Number of times a person Engages with your post through reactions, comments and shares, on both post and shares, as well as post clicks     

  • Engagements (including On Shares) Unique: Total number of people who engaged with your post through reactions, comments and shares, on both post and shares.

New Tag Manager UI
Conviva Updated the look and feel of the UI with new styles, which are not only pleasing to the eye, but are designed to make it easier and more efficient to navigate the system. 

Next, we’ve streamlined the navigation by moving buttons and icons close to where user needs them.  We’ve also simplified the layout, enabling the easy creation of tag rules, keywords and branded content sponsors.

Audience Visualization Enhancement

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms. Its audience location data is very crucial for Social Insights customers to get a full picture of their audience. Hence we’ve added it into the Audience Locations visualization on the Analytics Overview dashboard. Now user can easily understand where their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube audience are.

Additional Metrics - Facebook Excel Export 

  • Total Reactions:  Total reactions on a post. It includes reactions on post & on shares           

  • Total Comments:   Total comments on a post. It includes comments on post & on shares      

  • Total Shares:    Total shares of a post. It includes shares of post & shares

  • Reactions by Type Total Likes:   Total “like” reactions of a post. It includes “like” reactions on post & on shares               

  • Reactions by Type Total Love:    Total “love” reactions of a post. It includes “love” reactions on post & on shares  

  • Reactions by Type Total Wow:    Total “wow” reactions of a post. It includes “wow” reactions on post & on shares  

  • Reactions by Type Total Haha:    Total “haha” reactions of a post. It includes “haha” reactions on post & on shares  

  • Reactions by Type Total Sorry:    Total “sorry” reactions of a post. It includes “sorry” reactions on post & on shares  

  • Reactions by Type Total Anger:   Total “anger” reactions of a post. It includes “anger” reactions on post & on shares  

Bulk Uploader URL

Conviva Social Insights now empowers customers to add up to 500 post URLs to an existing campaign by uploading URLs, via .CSV or .XLXS formats. This enhancement provides significant time savings in social campaigns.

Click Add Post inside the Campaign or from the Campaign List.
Click Instructions to access the Template

Bulk Upload Keyword

Conviva Social Insights now enables customers to add up to 1000 keywords into a tag rule keyword group, via CSV format. This drastically accelerates content tag creation. For example: Suppose you are covering the NBA Finals and want to define a rule for any related post to the event. NBA Finals, Game 7 would be keywords, and you could tag related posts with this keyword automatically. 

Within Tag Contents
Create a Tag
Create a Rule
Within the Rule there will be an option to Import Keywords

Click on the info icon for information on how upload the template. 

The Social Logo now appears in the Top Content in both Campaigns and Analytics.
The Logo will also appear in the PDF for a quick roll up on how those posts are performing. 

Breakout of Reactions in Export

Facebook : Additional Columns have been added into the Export including Reactions by Type. (HAHA, SAD, etc) 

November 2019

 URL Uploader - Click ADD POST

Allow user to add up to 5 post URLs to a campaign.

Add “Video ID” to Twitter Tweet Export

For all tweets with videos, a new field "Video ID" is added in the export of Twitter Analytics and Campaign tweet list.

Top Content Enhancements

(1) The Top Content visualization was added on Campaign Overview page.

(2) When user hovers over an item on the top content list on Analytics and Campaign Overview pages, the preview of this video or post will pop-up on the right side.

October 2019

Incorporated Instagram and Twitter into the Leaderboard

  • Cross platform tracking for social content- FB, TW, IG, and YT

  • Industry Categories- More than 15 industry categories

Customer Support Form

A “Contact Support” link was added on the left side menu. After clicking it, user can enter customer support information. Upon submitting information, user will receive an email with a support ticket number.

Date Picker Improvement A checkbox "Include today" was added to the date picker in Analytics and Campaigns.This feature enables users to include today in a selected time period.  

September 2019

Leaderboard Enhancements 

Category Averages added to the Leaderboard Module

July 2019

Time Frame Comparison Feature

Time Frame Comparison: 

This new comparison tool will allow you to instantly see how the social performance of the current time period compares to any previous time period we have on record. You’ll be able to see how your social channels performed against certain time periods in overview or dive into individual social channels to see how your Facebook is doing compared to the same period last week, last month or last year. It is available in both Analytics and Campaign modules.

*Note: This feature is only available for Gold Level Clients. 

To Use the Tool: 

  • Click the date range drop down. (Shown Below)  

  • The Top Date Range will be the metrics that appear on the screen, the Bottom Date Range will be the date range you are comparing the existing time frame to. 

  • The comparison tool will provide the percent increase or decrease for the metrics next to current time frame’s performance. 

  • Check out the Help Article for more information.

Twitter Total Video Views: 

Currently, Social Insights only shows organic views on Twitter videos from the original post.

In this release, we added one more metric “Total Video Views” which is the total organic and paid video views of a specific video aggregated across all the tweets where the video has been posted. It also matches what Twitter shows on each video. This will apply to Twitter Videos moving forward.

March 2019

🌟  Tag by Video Title 🌟 - 3/11

You now have the ability to create tag rules that search over both the Video Title and Post Copy for Facebook automatically. 

Here's how to use it:

  • Simply check the box next to "Search Titles + Post Text" to start including results from both the post copy and Facebook Video Titles in your Tag Rules. 

  • Any post that contains the post copy or video title matching your keywords will be tagged.

  • If you uncheck this box, the Keyword rule will only look at the post copy. 

Keyword rules now have the ability to automatically scan and tag based on the following text for each social platform:

Facebook: Video Title, Description, Post Copy  (All Content Types)
Instagram: Post Copy (All Content Types)
Twitter: Tweet Copy (All Content Types)
YouTube: Video Title, Video Description

📂  Tag Folders 📂 

We noticed that you have been creating a TON of tags and reports...and we love to see that. 

From your feedback, we decided to add more organizational capabilities to the Tag manager with the introduction of Folders.

Here's how to use them:

  1. Choose "Create New Folder," give it a title

  2. You can create new tags, edit/rename or delete folders by hovering over the three dots next to the name of each folder.

  3. You can also drag and drop other tags into that folder to organize the content tags you already have created 

Note: Everyone has the "All Tags" folder, which cannot be deleted or renamed. If you ever delete a folder, the tags will return to the "All Tags" folder.

Search Tags 

In an effort to make content tags more efficient, a search bar filter has been added within the Content Tag Manager.  Simply begin typing and the Tags will filter accordingly.  

February 2019

Analytics Overview Charts

The Analytics Overview has many new features:

Engagements by Day Chart - Now represented in a Line Graph to provide consistency in the Overview.

Views by Day and Impressions by Day Charts are now broken out by social media channels. Additionally, the Excel Export available in the upper left hand corner of the widget also breaks out these metrics by Day.

Audience by Day - This information is now exportable to an Excel File using the Icon in the upper right hand corner of the widget.

Direct Downloads for Campaigns and Analytics Exports

Back by popular demand! You now have the option to directly download files from Analytics and Campaigns, or choose to get them sent via email. 

Simply click Export, choose the DOWNLOAD option, then select if you'd like an Excel or PDF.  For email reports with very large file sizes, we will email you a link to download the file. This will help to alleviate any issues with clients with mailbox limits, and make delivery more time efficient. 

This is truly a time saver. Use the new arrows location in the upper right corner of the Instagram and Snapchat Stories detail page to move to the previous or next story without returning to the Overview page.

This will allow for more streamlined navigation rather than toggling back and forth! 

January 2019 

New Year, New Features! 

Conviva is excited to announce some new features inside the platform. 

Facebook  - Daily Views 

Click on a Facebook Detail Icon to see your Video Views by Day.
This visualizes how your Facebook Video generates additional views day after day. 

YouTube - Duration

YouTube Duration is now a metric that is available in the Excel Export. This will allow assessment for comparative analytic analysis by video length and average watch time/minutes consumed.  

Instagram Stories - Post Breakout

Now within Excel Exports for Analytics and Campaigns, you can see a breakout of individual post data.  This makes it even easier to assess your success using IG stories. 

Ability to Delete Campaigns 

As an Agency User you can now Delete Campaigns. Edit an Existing Campaign Select [Delete]. Confirm your Choice. 

Don't worry if you make a mistake, just contact one of the Conviva Social Insights Specialist, we can restore the campaign. 

Leaderboard Updates

Now clients can have insights into Total Posts and Total Engagements in the Leaderboard Competitive Add on.  

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