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Leaderboards and Post Search FAQ
Leaderboards and Post Search FAQ
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Leaderboards provide benchmarking and rankings across industry lists, your partners and competitors, measuring public video views and post engagement data. This allows you to see how your account or network of accounts are doing against a set of data within a category and against a category average for any time period of your choosing.

The Category Average is a leaderboard feature that creates a row encompassing the average of all profiles in that specific leaderboard for the time period selected.

Metrics Included 

  • Total Posts: The number of posts made by the accounts listed in that leaderboard during the selected timeframe.

  • Total Videos: The number of videos posted by the accounts listed in that leaderboard during the selected timeframe.

  • Total Views: The number of total views per profile listed in that leaderboard during the selected timeframe for Facebook and YouTube. Note: Video views for Twitter and Instagram is currently unavailable

  • Views/Video: The number of views per video of all accounts in the leaderboard during the selected timeframe. 

  • Total Engagements: The number of total engagements of all posts and videos per profile listed in that leaderboard during the selected timeframe.

  • Engagements / Videos: The number of engagements per video of all accounts listed in the leaderboard during the selected timeframe (Includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)

  • Engagements / Post: The numbers of engagements per post of all accounts in that leaderboard during the selected timeframe.

  • Engagement Rate: The total engagements on posts divided by the total audience on the account, expressed as a percentage

  • Audience: The size of the audience for the account listed in the leaderboard during the selected timeframe.  

  • Trend Arrows: Trend arrows are comparisons for the metrics over the same previous time period, or previous month

Audience is defined as: 

  • Facebook – Number of Page Likes

  • Instagram – Number of Followers

  • Twitter – Number of Followers

  • YouTube – Number of Subscribers

  • Note: Cross-Platform Audience is the sum of all individual platform audiences

Engagement is defined as:

All leaderboard metrics update once daily between 4am - 6am EST with the previous day’s data, and leaderboard data is available from January 1, 2018 onward.

Once a social account is added to Conviva’s database, we are able to collect historical data such as the posts published, engagements on those posts and more. Unfortunately Facebook Page Likes and Account Followers on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube aren't available historically. On the first day an Account is added to the Leaderboard, Conviva will pull the Follower/Like count as of that day, and start measuring each day after that.

Note, this is only for brand new accounts that have never been collected by Conviva before. If the account exists in the database and is added to a new list, audience data will be available for as far back as the account has been stored in the system.

Leaderboard Profiles

Click on an account in leaderboard to view their Profile, a snapshot of the account’s performance over the last 30 days. This shows public data, including total audience, views, engagements, engagements/posts, and top content by views and engagement for the time period as well as daily growth of views, engagement, and audience. The Top Content module is exportable, allowing a deeper view as to the resonating content of the time frame. 


Post Search

Post Search is a content discovery tool that tracks public content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Users can search for words or phrases, and filter content by platform, by type, surfacing posts across metrics like video views, engagements and engagement rate.

Post Search can be used to identify themes for content creation, research top performing posts around industry events, show how content can deliver against a specific vertical, or help deploy branded content that exceeds advertiser and rival benchmarks.

Leaderboard Exports

When selecting "export" under the Account Leaderboard, there are a few additional options:

Multiple Platforms at once - gives users the ability to export multiple platforms in a single export

Schedule Exports – Automatically receive leaderboard files via email on a specific frequency, just like the “Analytics” and “Campaigns” tabs

Additional Engagement metrics - When this option is selected, additional metrics such as individual engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc) will be broken out in the export.

Raw Growth Numbers for Audience/Follower Metrics – Users can now see the raw number of followers/subscribers gained and lost for the time period selection, in addition to the current audience size and % change.

Engagement Rate by Content Type – When this option is selected, the leaderboard export will also break out the number of posts made by content type, along with the corresponding engagement rates for those content types for each social platform selected. This allows you to understand what types of content (photo, video, images, links, receive the highest percentage of engagement across accounts in a leaderboard list)

Twitter and Instagram Video Views for Owned Accounts - When this option is checked, a user will also receive the Twitter and Instagram video views for their own account lists in Leaderboard. Twitter and Instagram view data for competitor accounts are not included.

What data is not measured in Leaderboard?

Here is a list of the types of content that are not supported in Conviva's Leaderboard.

  • Facebook/Instagram Stories - Instagram Stories data for your own accounts can be found under the "Analytics" tab, but not available in Leaderboard.

  • Geo-gated Facebook posts. Posts that are gated to specific countries do not show up in Conviva's Leaderboards. Sports content is a common example. Often broadcast rights are negotiated regionally, meaning a particular Facebook page might only have rights to post a video clip of a football match in Mexico, so the posts will be geo-gated to Mexico. Geo-gated posts will appear only for your authenticated accounts under the "analytics" and "campaigns" tab

  • Age-gated Facebook posts. These will not appear in Leaderboards. This includes Branded Content posts for alcohol, tobacco, or other products that have age restrictions by law. Age-gated posts will appear only for your authenticated accounts under the "analytics" and "campaigns" tab

  • Ads. Conviva's leaderboard measures public data, so if a public post has been boosted we report paid + organic as a total number, with no distinction of boosted vs. non-boosted posts. Paid ads are not included in Leaderboard, however you can measure your own paid ads with the Paid Social add-on. For more info see this article.

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